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Our engagement

For the climate. For the people. For the economy.

We connect environmental protection, economy, and social responsibility.

The most important three dimensions for sustainable development. Because if everyone lived like the people in the industrialized countries, the earth would have to be at our disposal three times over.

Every step towards sustainability is a right and important step.

We want to improve every day – also in environmental protection. Therefore, we are working on a “timetable” for environmental issues. It applies to all areas and is constantly being optimized and expanded.
This way, we firmly integrate environmental protection into our daily work.

In the following, we will explain our sustainability projects within the framework of our sustainability strategy TFGreen, with which we would like to make the world a little better and face up to our responsibility.

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TFGeco solutions – two is better!

With our double pack TFGeco train and TFGeco truck, we enable rail and road transport to be even more environmentally friendy. Transport by rail already saves up to 80% CO2 compared to transport by truck. But we are going one step further.

Shhhh – we make it quite

Freight cars’ brakes conventionally work with brake blocks made of cast iron, which roughen the running surfaces of the wheels. This makes for a very noisy train passing by.

Instead of these, we use whisper brakes that reduce rail noise as much as possible, which protects residents and the environment from noise pollution.

Happy bees by TFG – bee sponsorship

The number of bees in Germany has been steadily declining for decades. Even though they are protected by the Federal Nature Conservation Act due to their importance for biodiversity, suitable habitats are becoming increasingly rare, especially for wild bees. By looking after bees, we are actively working to combat bee mortality and to conserve nature and wildlife.

We are certified

We want to become better - preferably each and every day. It is important to us not only to fulfill our own expectations, but also to meet widely accepted environmental requirements.

To this end, we have created an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental management.

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