AlbatrosExpress West

AlbatrosExpress West

Rotterdam & Antwerp: Flexible and reliable connections with the hinterland - every day.

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Our AlbatrosExpress West connects the most important container terminals for the maritime sector in Rotterdam and Antwerp with the economic centers of Germany, Austria and Italy - every day.

In doing so, we are relying on a joint concept with DB Cargo in combined transport, single-wagon and conventional wagonload traffic in a "hub-and-spoke" solution.

With the efficient hub solution, our AlbatrosExpress West takes complexity out of the ports and makes fast response times and volatile volume growth possible. The short distances to the economic centers, the dense network and the hub concept allow high reliability and short transport times.

We offer transports via the following terminals:
  • Munich-Riem 
  • Wolfurt
  • Verona

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