TFGreen eco solutions

TFGeco train & TFGeco truck

For 100% CO2-free rail transports & 100% CO2-neutral road transports.

TFGeco solution – our climate solutions

With our sustainability strategie TFGreen, we continue to focus on the “Green Logistics“card – more than ever before. With our eco solutions, we offer real climate solutions in product form for active climate protection.

  • TFGeco train 
      For 100 % CO2-free rail transport using green energy.
  • TFGeco truck 
     For100 % climate-neutral road transport.

This makes us a pioneer for climate-friendly traffic in combined transport, giving our customers the opportunity to design their transport chains even more sustainably in order to contribute to the achievement of national and global climate protection goals.

TFGeco trainit’s that simple:


  • 1 We for you Determine power consumption & calculate savings potential

  • 2 We for you: Purchase of renewable energy

  • 3 You for the environment: Transport CO2-free using renewable energy & promoting the expansion of renewable energy plants with 10% of the proceeds

CO2-free by rail with TFGeco train

We consistently offer renewable electricity from renewable energy sources for transports by rail. This enables us to carry out these
completely CO2-free. Unavoidable emissions of CO2 on non-electrified lines or abroad become CO2-neutral through compensation.

We then certify the realized CO2 savings with a certificate.
The savings can be added to the carbon footprint.

  • 100% CO2-free through renewable energy or 100% CO2-neutral
     through compensation
  • For rail transport on all routes
  • TÜV-tested and certified (electrified routes)
  • Issue of certificates for saved/compensated CO2 emissions

TFGeco truck – it’s that simple:


  • 1 We for you: Calculation of emissions to be compensated

  • 2 We for you: Purchase of climate protection certificates

  • 3 You for the environment: Transport CO2-neutral & promote improvement of local environmental and living conditions in the region

Compensate for unavoidable emissions on pre- and on-carriage with TFGeco truck

TFGeco truck compensates for CO2 emissions on the road and is thus the perfectcomplement to TFGeco train, because CO2 emissions cannot
always be avoided, for example in the case of pre- or on-carriage by truck.

To do so, we calculate the total CO2 emissions of the supply chain.
You then decide to what extent you want to offset these emissions.
In addition to compensated emissions, you also promote sustainable
projects with our partner "atmosfair", which promotes the conveying of renewable energy and reduce CO2 emissions. The projects are based on the international agreements of the Kyoto climate protection protocol.

  • Predestined for pre & onward carriage by road
  • Compensation of CO2 emissions by promoting sustainable projects
  • Perfect complement to TFGeco train for the last mile
  • Issue of certificates for CO2 emissions saved.