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Make your transport chains more sustainable with us.

Green Logistics – THE GREEN WAY with TFG

Sustainability is one of the great opportunities and challenges of our time. Sustainable business
as well as sustainable and climate-friendly transport concepts are becoming increasingly important.

Rail is not only the safest but also the most environmentally friendly means of transport.

  • Rail transport saves 80% CO2 compared to road transport.
  • High capacity – 1 freight train replaces up to 52 trucks.

Our AlbatrosExpress trains replace around 600,000 truck journeys per year. Thus, avoiding about 400,000 tonnes of CO2. By shifting freight from trucks to rails, we achieve sustainable environmental protection
– every day! For transport on the 'last mile' by truck, we solely use low-emission, noise-reduced and
energy-saving vehicles.

With our sustainability strategy TFGreen, we continue to focus on the “Green Logistics“ map – and this more than ever before. With our eco solutions, we offer real climate solutions in product form for active climate
protection. With TFGeco train and TFGeco truck, we offer 100 % CO2-free rail transport and 100 % climate-neutral road transport. Thus, we are pioneers for climate-friendly transport in combined transport.
We give you the opportunity to design your transport chains sustainably in order to contribute to the
achievement of national and global climate protection goals.

Thus, environmental and climate protection are at the top of our agenda, and we see responsibility for the
environment as a core corporate value and a key issue for the future. Our goal is to continuously optimize
our environmental impact along the entire value chain and to live up to our social responsibility.

TFGreen – for more sustainability

As part of our sustainability initiative, we have established further internal and external measures as the core of our ecological activities. In this way, all TFG colleagues make an important daily contribution to environmentally friendly Transfracht. By continuously expanding our measures, we are creatin the conditions for a strong track and gradually greening all our products, services, and the way we work.

TFG eco solutions – real climate solutions within our products

Freight transport by rail is already very climate friendly – but it can be even better. For active climate protection, we offer real climate solutions within our products with our TFGeco solutions. With TFGeco train and TFGeco truck, we offer 100% CO2-free rail transport and 100% CO2-neutral road transport. This makes us a pioneer in climate-friendly transport in combined transport and gives our customers the opportunity to design their transport chains in a sustainable way. For the climate. For the people. For the economy.

Use the environmental advantage of rail

Make the environmental benefits of rail for your transports transparent and actively use them for your company!

We issue certificates for saved CO2 emissions:

Environmental benefits rail/road

CO2 savings for transport by rail compared to an alternative transport by truck.

Carbon footprint TFGeco train

100% CO2 savings when using TFGeco train

Carbon footprint TFGeco truck

100% CO2 neutralization when using TFGeco truck 

No matter which offers you use, you are always greener by rail. The CO2 savings are determined based on tonnage per route and confirmed by the Technical Inspection Association (TÜV). The calculation is carried our using EcoTransIT Wordl in compliance with DIN EN 16258.

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