Eco-friendly in the network

Article: Eco-friendly in the network

As we continue to expand our network, we are consistently shifting more and more freight from road to rail, thereby actively protecting the environment.

We are working on integrating further connections into our AlbatrosExpress network.
In this way, we actively relieve the roads of trucks, which results in less traffic, less congestion and fewer emissions. In addition, the shift of transport to rail has a positive impact on the local economy as well as on the quality of life of people in the region.

Best practice:
At the beginning of 2021, together with our partners bayernhafen, Lower Bavaria’s chamber of commerce and DB Cargo, we initiated and implemented a local project in Passau to connect the region’s economy to rail and thus to the ports, and also to take pressure off the short Passau-Regensburg rail route. By linking up bayernhafen Passau to our AlbatrosExpress network, we have demonstrated that rail transports are not only safe and unaffected by traffic congestion, but also considerably kinder to the environment. Because with the help of the new trimodal terminal in Passau, we are replacing around 10,000 truck journeys in the region - which corresponds to a saving of around 4,000 metric tons of CO2.

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