Article: atmosfair

With our TFGeco solutions, we offer completely carbon-free and carbon-neutral rail and road transports, where CO2 avoidance is our top priority.

However, if emissions cannot be avoided entirely, for example on non-electrified rail routes and in
pre-carriage and onward carriage on the road, we compensate for these CO2 emissions through our
commitment to sustainable projects. In atmosfair, we have found a partner who enables us to offset
carbon emissions by means of high-quality, sustainable climate protection projects. The projects are
based on the international agreements of the Kyoto climate protection protocol and comply with the
currently strictest standard for climate protection projects, CDM Gold.

The projects are divided into the following categories:

Efficient cooking stoves

In most developing countries, low-income households are saddled with high expenses for
energy. Atmosfair promotes energy-efficient technologies here, so that the cost of living is
reduced for those affected, thanks to lower energy bills.

Solar energy

This form of renewable energy generation is particularly suitable for sunny countries and
regions. Atmosfair gives these regions the opportunity to promote solar energy and sets the course by financing it.

Hydroelectric power

Hydroelectric power plants have the highest efficiency in energy production nowadays. If small hydroelectric power projects are not possible without financial aid, atmosfair supports them.

Wind energy

Wind energy is playing an important role in changing the world's energy supply and is often
generated alongside hydroelectric power. Atmosfair supports countries where this form of
energy production has not yet been reliably established.

Biogas & biomass

Less well-off households can use biogas to cook on a gas stove, and in doing so also produce
fertilizer and save on conventional fuel. Additionally, renewable energy can be generated from biomass waste, which atmosfair supports, especially in developing countries.

Environmental education

In Germany, atmosfair focuses on creating climate awareness by providing environmental
education in schools.

Rebuild tourism

Renewable energy is important in every sector. Infrastructures that are beneficial for tourism should not be overlooked, and atmosfair supports various projects in this area. This includes the reconstruction of schools and hospitals.

We have set up projects in each of these categories at various locations around the world, and we would gladly provide you with a selection of examples. They are in countries such as Egypt, Ethiopia, Germany, Ghana, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Kenya, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Morocco, Nepal, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania and Zambia.

All climate protection projects and their current development status can be viewed at: