TFG goes Green – Clear path for the sustainability strategy “TFGreen” and for CO2-free transport

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Article: TFG goes Green – Clear path for the sustainability strategy “TFGreen” and for CO2-free transport

TFG Transfracht continues to focus on „Green Logistics“ – with its new sustainability strategy TFGreen – THE GREEN WAY even stronger than before. With a new rage of eco-solutions for 100% CO2-free rail and climate-neutral road transport, as well as inter-nal and external measures as the core of their ecological action, TFG is making a strong contribution to climate, natural and resource protection as well as noise protec-tion.

With rail transport in the main course, the market leader in inland seaport transport is already achieving sustainable environmental protection. In addition, the new sustainability initiative redefined the product portfolio and focused even more on the major environmental benefit of CO2 savings – both on rail and on road. As a result, TFG presents two strong eco solutions. With TFGeco train, TFG offers its customers the opportunity to realize their rail transport 100% CO2-free. This enables the use of green electricity.  TFGeco truck extends the offer to the road. This is where non-avoidable emissions on the road – e.g. in advance and afterwards – compensated by the promotion of sustainable projects. TFGeco truck is the perfect addition to TFGeco train.

„With our eco solutions, we create real climate solutions. This makes us a pioneer for climate-friendly transport in combined transport. From now on, our customers have the opportunity to actively protect the environment and become environmental improvements”, explains Dr. Bernd Pahnke, spokesperson for the management of TFG Transfracht.

„Our vision is to be the first operator for completely CO2-free rail transport and climate-neutral road transport. Each company can voluntarily assume responsibility for climate protection and thus make an important contribution to the achievement of national and global climate protection goals. Our mission now is to inspire even more customers to design sustainable transport chains. Our employees also contribute daily to the implementation of our internal TFGreen measures – for a greener TFG”, adds Pahnke.

For a green TFG, further internal and external measures have been achored as the core of ecological action in order to avoid even more CO2-emissions. Key topics include: increasing train utilization, developing short-haul routes, digitising internal and external communication and interdepartmental processes, economical use of resources, use of digital solutions and reduction of business trips, green marketing, expansion of ecological projects and much more.

„In order to meet the ever growing economic effects, various influencing factors along the supply chain, but also the increasing customer demands with a maximum of flexibility and sustainability, we offer our customers a new product range, which includes seven flexible solutions: Basic, Prime, Slot, Block train, Flex train, box2rail und Stand-by. TFGeco train and TFGeco truck are an integral part of the new product world”, continues Pahnke.

Sustainable management and actions is becoming more and more important for companies today – and especially in the ongoing extraordinary period – and is becoming even more important. Industry and trade therefore have a special duty to design transport concepts that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

TFG Transfracht takes on this task and offers solutions. Responsibility for the environment is seen as a central corporate value and a central topic for the future. With TFGreen, Transfracht creates the conditions for a strong rail system. Germany and Europe will only achieve their climate and environmental targets with a massive shift to environmentally friendly rail and even more emissions savings.