Rail is not only the safest but also the most environmentally friendly means of transport. As it produces up to 80 % less CO2-emissions than road transport. Our AlbatrosExpress trains replace around 600,000 truck journeys per year. Thus avoiding about 400,000 tonnes of CO2. By shifting freight from trucks to rails, we achieve sustainable environmental protection – and that every day! Even in transport on the 'last mile' by truck, TFG supports climate protection and uses only low-pullutant, noise-reduced and energy-saving vehicles. But this is only the beginning, because we are going a step further.

Sustainability is one of the great opportunities and challenges of our time. Sustainable management and action have become an integral part of our lives and is gaining even more importance today – especially in the ongoing extraordinary period. Industry and trade therefore have a special duty to make transport concepts sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Environmental and climate protection are at the top of our agenda. We see responsibility for the environment as a central corporate value and a central topic for the future. Our goal is to continuously optimize the environmental impact along the entire value chain and to comply with social responsibility.


Take an active approach to climate protection and become an environmental improver!

With our sustainability strategie TFGreen, we continue to focus on the “Green Logistics“ map – and this more than ever before. With our eco solutions, we offer real climate solutions in product form for active climate protection. With TFGeco train and TFGeco truck, we offer 100 % CO2-free rail transport and 100 % climate-neutral road transport. Thus, we are pioneers for climate-friendly transport in combined transport. We give you the opportunity to design your transport chains sustaibably in ordert o contribute to the achievement of national and global climate protection goals.

As part of our sustainbility initiative, we have established further internal and external measures as the core of our ecological activities. In this way, all TFG colleagues make an important daily contribution to environmentally friendly Transfracht.

With TFGreen, we are creating the conditions for a strong rail. Because only by massively shifting traffic to the environmentally friendly railways and by cutting emissions even more will Germany and Europe achieve their climate and environmental goals. 

With TFGeco train 100 % CO2-free und -neutral on the railway.

Freight transport by rail is already very climate-friendly. But it is even better – with TFGeco train, transports on domestic German and Austrian routes is completely CO2-free on the railway. This works by completely covering the electricity requirements of the transport by means of renewable energies. Non-avoidable CO2 emissons on non-electrified routes or abround become CO2-neutral by compensation. With TFGeco train, you can protect the climate twice: In addition to CO2-free transport, 10% of the proceeds are used to support the expansion of renewable energies.  

The savings and the compensation of CO2 emissions are TÜV-tested and certified.


That’s how it works:

Neutralise non-avoidable emissions with TFGeco truck

However, it is not always possible to completly avoid CO2 emissions. In these cases, the unavoidable emissions, e.g. in pre-carriage on the road, can be offset with TFGeco truck. In this way, the CO2 emissions generated by a transport operation are offset by means of climate protection certificates. At the same time, you also promote sustainable projects that support the expansion of renewable energies and reduce CO2 emissions. These projects are based on the international agreements of the Kyoto climate protection protocol.

TFGeco truck compensates CO2 emissions on the road and is therefore the perfect complement to TFGeco trainfor even more climate-friendly rail transport. 

Works as simple as this:

Our product range for you – today for tomorrow.

In order to meet today’s ever-growing economic impacts, various influencing factors along the supply chain, but also the growing customer requirements of tomorrow with maximum flexibility and sustainability, the new TFG offer includes seven flexible solutions: Basic, Prime, Slot, Block train, Flex train, box2rail and Stand-by. TFGeco train and TFGeco truck are an integral part of the product world.

Become an environmental improver today!

TFG Transfracht offers the option of issuing certificates for reduced CO2 emissions from transporting by rail instead of by truck. The CO2 savings will be calculated based on the tonnage per route. The green certificates can be issued to each custumer or original consignor.

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