Combined traffic with system: one network for four countries

No matter whether your containers are to be transported to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy or other neighbouring countries via our AlbatrosExpress terminals: our range of logistical services for the German seaports will bring your goods to their destination quickly and safely.

High frequencies

More than 15.000 quick connections every year and more than 260 departures a week.

Extensive areas covered

TFG Transfracht links 15,000 locations in the most important business centres in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy to the German seaports, Koper, Rotterdam and Antwerp via numerous inland terminals.


An efficient network makes system transports possible in 12 to 36 hours.


We offer custom-made implementation of project links to our customers.

Depot service

Depots for loaded and empty containers are available near all the AlbatrosExpress terminals.


TFG Transfracht transfers approx. 600,000 lorry transports from road to rail, hence reducing the CO2 emissions by more than 400,000 tons a year. Regular TFG customers enjoy the benefit of attractive conditions covering the entire AlbatrosExpress network.

Depot Services

Containers are reliably transported in our container depots located near our AlbatrosExpress terminals. Empty containers are all checked when they enter and leave the service centre. Our services also include:

  • Storage
  • Reporting arrivals and departures
  • Reporting damages
  • Repairs
  • Applying and removing hazardous goods labels and cleaning.

Empty container logistics

TFG Transfracht transports your empty containers between all the hinterland terminals in Germany and Austria every day.