TFG Transfracht opens the gateway to the China Gateway via Hamburg Billwerder.

Every day, the AlbatrosExpress connects 27 European terminals with the hub for Eurasian rail links and enables connections to over 20 terminals in China. Clear the way for even more climate-friendly pre-carriage and onward carriage by rail - every day.

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Gateways to the European economy

The ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam are two of the most important transhipment yards in the world. In December 2020, TFG Transfracht integrated Antwerp as the sixth port in its AlbatrosExpress network and also expanded its portfolio with new routes to and from Rotterdam. In the future, the AlbatrosExpress West will connect the most important container terminals in Rotterdam and Antwerp with the most economic centres in the hinterland – every day!

In these two ports alone, some 27 million TEU are transhipped each year, and the numbers continue to grow. That’s because the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam have ambitious growth and sustainability targets, which they plan to reach primarily by expanding rail freight transport. The ports’ geographical location is their greatest advantage – after all, Antwerp and Rotterdam are the first ports of call for most large ships from overseas. Having a central location within Europe is also a point in their favour.


For even more goods on the environmentally friendly rail – For the climate.

As a port-neutral operator, together with DB Cargo we want to connect the most important German and European economic centers even more closely with the western ports by 2025, in addition to the northern and southern ports, and noticeably increase the shift of traffic to the climate-friendly railways. In particular, the roads of the western federal states as well as the port areas are to be significantly relieved. In doing so, we are relying on a common, clever concept that combined transport, single wagon and conventional freight wagon traffic in a “hub-and-spoke” solution. This is done by the largest marshalling yard in the Netherlands, Kijfhoek, which, due to its geographical location, offers the best condition for connecting both ports. Due to the efficient lifting solution, our new Albatros-Express West removes complexity from the harbor and makes the planned volume increase even possible because the space and shunting capacity in the harbor are limited by the limited infrastructure. “We are transferring here our already existing success model of a central hub for the North Sea ports, where the German seaports are connected to the hinterland via the shunting station Maschen. We are installing the central hub for the western ports at the Kijfhoek location”, says Frank Erschkat, speaker for the management of TFG Transfracht. As part of the expansion of the western ports, the comprehensive AlbatrosExpress network is being expanded at the same time. “With the connection of terminal Wolfurt in Austria, we connect the Vorarlberg region with faster run times to the regions of southern Germany, western Austria, eastern Switzerland and the Liechtenstein state market”, adds Frank Erschkat.

Picture: marshalling yard Kijfhoek (Source: ProRail B.V.)

Short routes to economic centres, the dense network and its resourceful hub-based system will set the stage for highly reliable service with short transport times. All the terminals of the ports Antwerp and Rotterdam, which are most important for the maritime sector, are connected to the hinterland on a daily base. This system will give customers reliability and predictability – and not just in combined transport. For example, this solution will also provide significant benefits to customers in the chemicals industry, even when shipping small quantities.



AlbatrosExpress West with daily connections

All benefits on a glance

  • Connectivity – Connections for all main container terminals for the maritime sector in Antwerp and Rotterdam (right and left bank).
  • Frequency – daily connection between the western ports and the hinterland
  • Speed – short transport times
  • Network – a comprehensive Albatros-Express network that is continuously expanded and compressed
  • Reliability – dependable combination of daily departures and single wagonload transport
  • Efficiency – : hub-based solution lightens load on port operators and accelerates workflows

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