A network for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy

In nature, the albatross is a prime example of performance, endurance and an enormous range. That's why the name AlbatrosExpress is representative for the range of logistical services offered by TFG Transfracht. AlbatrosExpress links the most significant commercial centres in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy to the German seaports and Koper as well as Rotterdam and Antwerp with direct trains or via its hub in Hamburg-Maschen.

AlbatrosExpress Germany

With around 15.000 connections per year TFG Transfracht transports container directly to hinterland consignees all over Germany and from shippers agents to the German seaports, Koper, Rotterdam and Antwerp – all via its train system AlbatrosExpress Germany. Our teams in Germany with their know-how and innovative IT skills daily ensure a reliable and stable performance of transports.

AlbatrosExpress Austria

The AlbatrosExpress Austria connects Austria six times a week to the terminals in Salzburg, Vienna, Enns and Wolfurt with the German seaports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven. The direct connection to Koper and to the Western ports offers further options and even more felxibility and faster transit times for transports with TFG. Our service portfolio for the Austrian market guarantees an optimum network coverage of the economic conurbations in Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Styria, Lower Austria, Vienna, the state of Salzburg and Tyrol region via the terminals in Ulm, Wolfurt (Voralberg), Munich, Salzburg, Enns and Vienna –via German seaports, Southern port of Koper and via Western ports.

AlbatrosExpress Switzerland

The AlbatrosExpress Switzerland links the Swiss terminal Basle-Weil. Short transport times, a direct link to all container terminals at the northern seaports, departures on Sundays and public holidays and full independence of low and high Rhine River water levels are the main benefits of the TFG train system for the Swiss market.