TFG Transfracht started 2019 with a spring in its step

TFG Transfracht started the year with the wind at its back, and it is looking for-ward to presenting a host of new products and developments in 2019, the year of its 50th birthday.

The market leader in containerized seaport hinterland services will maintain its two-fold focus: On broadening its portfolio to burnish its appeal, and on optimizing its services.

The first step in its sales activities is focusing on taking an active sales approach to tap into northern regions and build up local services with the aim of shifting more traffic onto the environmentally friendly rail network.

To improve the quality of the operations and processes at the crossover point from rail to road and vice versa, the company has already completed a wide range of changes at Ulm and Kornwestheim. Starting January, day-to-day ac-tivities have been managed independently using lean, centralized processes co-ordinated with TFG's main order management unit in Duisburg. An excellent system with a number of truckers is also in place for delivery dispatching.

Launched in 2017, the box2rail booking platform is tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized companies. The platform lets customers book services with a few mouse clicks, starting with a single container. Going forward, a capacity display for trucking will be added to the existing capacity display for rail. This addition will give customers a bird's eye view of capacity throughout the entire transport chain. box2rail 2.0 represents another step in the direction of a digital business model.

When it comes to dispatching, TFG is laying the groundwork for digital order processing. Catkin is a cross-company and system-neutral communications platform for managing transportation. The tool electronically communicates movement orders to transportation companies or straight to drivers, as well as to admin staff. Status reports will also be made digitally by app. Geolocation will allow trucks to be tracked in real time. The aim is for Catkin to simplify and ac-celerate order communication, making the overall transport process more trans-parent and ensuring it consumes fewer resources, especially with regard to the use of trucks.

Last but not least, TFG's strategy for 2019 sees it focus on expanding its net-work southward and westward. On 10. May, the port of Koper will be linked to Austria and southern Germany with a regular weekly timetable and faster runtimes.

In addition, the company plans to integrate Europe's largest deepwater port into its AlbatrosExpress network Rotterdam.

"These changes will see us address constantly rising demand for transportation links to western European ports this year and include new, important harbors around Europe in our portfolio of services", said Dr. Bernd Pahnke, Spokesper-son of the Board of Managing Directors at TFG Transfracht


About TFG Transfracht:

TFG Transfracht is the market leader for containerized seaport hinterland ser-vices in Germany. Its extensive AlbatrosExpress network enables the company to operate daily connections from the ports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Wil-helmshaven, and Koper to over 15,000 locations throughout Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. TFG Transfracht is a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG with an annual transportation volume of 950,000 TEU (2018).


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