TFG-Info: UPDATE 6: Weather-related impairments

18.02.2021 – read more

Philipp Best takes over sales management of TFG Transfracht

15.02.2021 – Philipp Best (37) has taken over as Head of Sales at TFG Transfracht in Hamburg with retroactive effect from January 1st, 2021.… read more

TFG-Info: UPDATE 5: Weather-related impairments

15.02.2021 – read more

TFG-Info: UPDATE 4: Weather-related impairments - Draw frame openings

12.02.2021 – read more

TFG-Info: UPDATE 2: Weather-related impairments - selective suspension of rail traffic

10.02.2021 – read more

Frank Erschkat takes over as Chairman of TFG Transfracht

21.12.2020 – Frank Erschkat will take over as Chairman of the TFG Transfracht Management Board from January 1, 2021. He will represent the Sales / Operations / Market-ing department. … read more

TFG goes Green – Clear path for the sustainability strategy “TFGreen” and for CO2-free transport

11.11.2020 – TFG Transfracht continues to focus on „Green Logistics“ – with its new sustainability strategy TFGreen – THE GREEN WAY even stronger than before. With a new rage of eco solutions for 100% CO2-free rail and climate-neutral road transport, as well as internal and … read more