Who we are our services

We consider ourselves to be the leading operator in combined seaport hinterland transportation, offering our services across an extensive network that connects the central European national markets. Our focus is on transporting shipping containers on the railways with pre-carriage and onward carriage by road. Our decentralized organization means that we have several sites in the hinterland and are therefore located near to our markets, customers and partners. A DB Group company, TFG is positioned in the Intermodal Sales organization of DB Cargo AG. As a part of the Group, Transfracht adheres to Deutsche Bahn's corporate guidelines when creating and implementing all of its processes.

Our extensive AlbatrosExpress network enables us to operate daily connections from the container terminals of Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Wilhelmshaven and Koper to over 15,000 locations throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Thanks to a comprehensive order management system, we can provide our customers with up-to-date information at all times. This includes not only end-to-end transport monitoring, but also various status reports on the progress of their consignments.

As far as green logistics is concerned, we set a good example as a logistics provider. TFG conducts all main journeys on the railways and thereby prevents a significant amount of CO2 emissions being produced. By moving freight from trucks onto the rails, TFG is protecting the environment for the future. Customers using our rail transport services cause 80% fewer CO2 emissions than if they had chosen road transportation. Use of our Eco Plus component, which takes power from reusable sources, means that rail transports can be operated without creating any CO2 emissions whatsoever. For the last leg of many transports by truck, TFG supports climate protection and promotes the utilization of low-polluting, noise-reduced and energy-saving vehicles.

When moving dangerous goods, we observe the national and international regulations and laws valid in the countries affected to guarantee safe and well-organized container transportation. With strong partners at our side on the railways and roads we offer a wide range of transport services for all classes of dangerous goods. The spectrum of services we can provide in multimodal transport is completed with the provision of empty containers (provision of equipment), depot services and the handling of customs formalities.


What we stand for - our quality and environment policy

Our highly skilled and committed employees are our most important assets. They guarantee high-caliber customer support and order processing regarding all transport-relevant issues. Our customer is always the focus of our dealings. We offer standardized customer solutions that are designed to secure long-term customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

We like to motivate our employees to think and act independently, show commitment and take ownership of their actions. We encourage and support honest and open dialog and constructive feedback and offer our employees development opportunities to help them reach their goals. Wherever possible we take advantage of potential synergies from business-wide operations and help to interlink content between units across the entire DB Group.

We evaluate our colleagues by their performance and treat one another with fairness and honesty. We want our employees to be committed and happy and aim to allow them a good work-life balance over the course of each year.

We, the management of TFG Transfracht, undertake to optimize our processes and services continually, with a view to enhancing quality aspects and environmental performance, and to fulfill our customers' requirements. We do so by setting ourselves quality and environment objectives that are reviewed regularly, adjusted as necessary and explained to our employees.

We also undertake to protect the environment. Our focus here is on reducing CO2 emissions on railways and roads. Transporting goods by rail achieves savings in CO2 emissions of up to 80% compared with truck transport. In addition, our customers can choose our Eco Plus service component to order renewable energy for their rail transports and thus have their freight carried CO2-free. Our partners join us in our efforts to make steady reductions in noise pollution from traffic, with approaches such as converting the container wagon fleet we use to low-noise whisper brake blocks.